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1000 Mile Tandem Test - The Ultimate Waterproof Test

Posted on 15 September 2016

You’ve been there … cycling through mucky rain, struggling to reach your destination, arriving down-trodden and soggy. Then you spend the rest of day walking around your office with soggy socks and a slightly damp feeling lingering with you… wondering, I’m sure that jacket said it was waterproof?

Well, we wanted to end this modern-soggy-torture by providing 100% waterproofing for our Roadster Jacket.

We needed to prove this to our bold followers.


Enter the Tandem Tea Ladies

These ladies cycled 1000 miles through inclement Scottish gales on a tandem (sure what else would you be doing?). We provided the jackets on their back and this is the feedback we got:

As Bold As donated us two key ingredients to our kit bag, our Roadster rain jackets and an As Bright As vests and we can definitely say that we would never go out on a bike ride without them again.  The jackets in particular are like a most trusted, loyal friend that never fails to give you a hug and help you through your hour of need.

As Bold As Tandem Tea Ladies Waterproof Jacket


Unpredicatable Scottish Highlands Work Their Magic

We put the jackets through the toughest of weathers travelling south through the Highlands where we experienced the windiest summer on record.  We were hit almost daily with heavy down pours or light drizzles usually at the end of the day to match our spirits. We test rode them through the colder, fresher areas of the mountains and if we were lucky the warmer spots when the sun would show its face briefly.  We certainly put these jackets through their paces, testing every tiny facet and function…we were cruel and demanding.  But this jacket stepped up to every bit of abuse we and the weather presented to it.

 As Bold As Ladies Waterproof Cycling Jacket Tandem Tea Ladies

There is a reason that these garments, Amanda’s a cheerful yellow and Jess’s sexy red, are seen in every other picture we took on tour.  In fact we had to make a special effort to take them off so that we could show our other sponsors clothes in at least one or two of the pictures. Needless to say that we wore them all the time and can say with absolute certainty that they are 100% waterproof. 

We took great comfort in these little jackets and little they are, they pack really, really small considering how much they provide.

Design is so simple, that's why it's so complicated

Let’s talk about the comfort they offer; unlike other jackets that can often feel restrictive across the shoulders, bust and elbows when riding, we didn’t get any of that.  As Bold As have thought of everything, even down to the extra material on the elbows to allow for movement, a dropped back for the riding down position and fleeced neck trim to avoid any sort of discomfort.  These features haven’t compromised the style either, we loved the little surprises of the decorative zig zag trims and the ‘treasure chest’ pocket on the inside where you can keep either your phone or if you are like us, some sweeties.

As Bold As Ladies Waterproof Cycling Jacket Tandem Tea Tour

We love this brand and cannot wait to see what they come out with next, we will certainly be at the front of the queue.  Great job As Bold As, we are your number one fans!!!

FIT: *****
COMFORT: *****
STYLE: *****


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