WEATHER ALERT! Avoid these winter cycling hazards. – As Bold As

WEATHER ALERT! Avoid these winter cycling hazards.

Posted on 29 September 2017


Winter cycling


Winter cycling can be tricky. Here's are some common winter hazards which can put your cycling skills to the test.

These pictures aren't the prettiest, but what is really when it's been rained on for 24 hours solid?!

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1. Other road users

We don't want to start a bikes-V-car war but.... beware of cars and buses! Visibility can be obscured so expect the unexpected. 

cycling hazards bus

2. Leaves

Wet leaves are slippery little suckers. Avoid at all costs, especially when going around bends.

soggy leaves


3. Manhole covers

These are slick and to be avoided when rounding a bend.



4. Cobblestones

Not for the faint-hearted, wet cobblestones are the urban cyclist's ultimate test. Either increase your pace (so your travel faster than you slip!) or get off your bike.

cobbles stones


5. Road markings

Yes, we love road markings (especially bike lane ones) but for the love of cycling-gods, avoid turning on these when it's raining.

road markings caution cyclists


6. Puddles/lakes

Rain becomes puddles and puddles become lakes. Puddles so deep that no ass can be saved (except when you're wearing our Elemental Rain Trousers!).



Have any cycling tips to keep us on the bike this winter? Please let us know in the comments below!

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