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Arrive Alive! 5 Tips To Stay Safe on Your Bike

Posted on 18 August 2016

This month we decided to put together a list of safe cycling tips for our As Bold As community. We have noticed a lot of articles popping up lately about how unsafe city roads are and we want to make sure that you know how to stay as safe and as alert as possible when cycling.

As always, we would love to hear your own tips and how you stay safe on the roads so get in touch over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Photos are welcome too!

1. As Good As

We’re part of the road eco-system so like all other road users, obey the rules of the road! Make sure you stop at the lights and follow road signs. Keep your eyes peeled, make proper hand signals and look again when turning or going straight ahead to show your intentions to other road users.

The Inside Track: be extra vigilant when passing parked cars as people can open their car doors quickly.


As Bold As


2. As Busy As

Our roads are busy! Use cycle lanes where possible and if you’re feeling a bit nervous, try and plan your journey to avoid particularly busy junctions. You can always hop off your bike for a few minutes and join the pedestrians too.  Take extra care to position yourself wisely at intersections.

The inside track: Trucks and buses are intimidating, right? You feel like a little fly barely on their radar. Lorries and buses can have large ‘blind spots’ so never wait right next to them. As a rule of thumb, stay back or sit ahead.


As Bold As


  1. As Visible As

Did you know that there is a difference between daytime visibility and night time visibility? Fluorescent colours (hello yellow!) make you stand out during the day, reflective fabric and lights keep you visible at night. Stay visible to other road users in our best selling As Bright As high vis vest and be sure to be seen.

Shine brightly during "lighting-up time" by using a front and back light. These are required by Irish law, we would urge you to check what the laws are in your country.

The Inside Track: Keep your bike lights full of juice. You can now buy rechargeable bike lights - handy! Take them off when you park your bike – pesky thieves! 


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  1. As Alert As

You need to develop a 6th sense. Expect the unexpected. Imagine that you are invisible to other road users. Cars and buses could cut in front of you at any time, therefore it is important to be ready to brake at all times. Pedestrians can also step out onto the road unexpectedly, make sure to always be alert in case this happens.

The Inside Track: slippery suckers: manhole covers, tram tracks, sharp corners after the rain.


  1. As Quiet As

When cycling, turn off the music, take off your headphones and don’t talk on the phone. Devote your full attention to the road and don’t let anything distract you. This doesn’t just apply to cyclists, we think pedestrians and motor vehicles should certainly abide by this rule too. Ear buds are particularly bad as they tend to fall out of your ear which in turn makes you take your hands off the handlebar to replace them. Things are changing though and people are developing safer headphones like these Safe + Sound pair designed especially for cyclists!


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